Recappin’ it v.9 – We like selling ice cream.

River Rats Collage (07272014)We like selling ice cream. This week we sold a lot of ice cream. Wednesday saw us at the River Rats. It was a beautiful night. One of those rare Minnesota nights that you hold in your cold heart come January. Saturday, we were at the market. The clouds held off long enough to entice shoppers for a scoop or two. Sunday, it was Open Streets. An early evening for us … as we ran out of ice cream. But delightful to see all them Northeasterns out and about.

This Monday, we’re back in the kitchen to prep for the week. With the beautiful July weather we’ve had the chance to start narrowing down on our recipes … what works, what sells, what we actually enjoy making. It’s pretty much a given we’ll have some sort of cookies ‘n cream (or, for you River Rat fans, wookiees ‘n cream). Cookies crushed up in a frozen mash of cream, milk and sugar. Ummm, yes.

We’ve also been brainstorming – fruity swirls, chocolate chunks, beer (yup, and more beer), granola, cake … what delicious things would be EVEN MORE DELICIOUS in sweet, sweet frozen sugary, creamy goodness?