Recappin’ it v.8 – In which we learn some people …


This week, we learned many things.

  1. Seven events in four days is rather intense … or in our case, six events ’cause you run out of ice cream.
  2. The River Rats can put on an awesome show.
  3. Volunteers are awesome. Let us repeat that. Volunteers are awesome.
  4. People like vanilla ice cream. We don’t make vanilla ice cream … but alas, we may have to make vanilla ice cream.
  5. Get yourself a good umbrella … a good, sturdy umbrella.
  6. Start a business with people you like ’cause you’re gonna be spending  a lot of time with them. A lot. Of time.
  7. Some people are not meant to wear hats.

Thanks to all who popped by our cart this weekend! As usual, check our calendar for where you can find us next.

Hugs and such,
The Cranky Crew