Recappin’ It v.5 – It’s like we know what we’re doing


“Hey! There’s a girl Cranky?!”

Yes, yes … Claire is a girl. Yes, yes … she’s part of Cranky’s. Matt and Jake were off Pride-ing it up this weekend and left Nate and Claire to “man” the cart at the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market. After a brief prayer to the sun gods, it was decided to put the rain canopy up with the mindset that “if we put it up, it won’t rain … if we don’t put it up, it’ll rain.” And sure enough, nothing but blue sky, a wee wisp of clouds and a cooling breeze was in sight.

The hit of the day, Doughnut Ice Cream. Something about doughnuts soaked in cream then churned into ice cream and packed with more doughnuts, had everyone craving a scoop. The Honey and Sunflower Seeds was a close second on the favorite meter. Nate and Claire spent the morning brainstorm honey combinations … granola … doughnuts (of course) … strawberries … the sky’s the limit. Shoot us a line if you’ve got an inkling …

The Cranky’s Crew is off on a grand adventure this week so things may be a bit quiet around here. You all rest up, enjoy the sunshine, dream about ice cream and we’ll be back before you know it. Tentatively, clear your calendars on Thursday, July 10th. If the Mississippi calms down the Twin Cities River Rats will finally be on the water and we’ll be there! As usual, we’ll keep you updated.