Recappin’ It v.4 – Adventures with Cherry Nut

This past week saw us in the kitchen, getting our groove down … if you will. It’s amazing what a few days clinking pots and pans can do to build up your confidence. A few weeks back our “landlords” asked if we would provided ice cream for their end of the year ice cream social. Well, ice cream is kind-of, sort-of our thing so we were more than happy to help. We whipped up a few batches of our new Milk Chocolate Chocolate, the classic Mint Chocolate Chip and tried our hand at a Cherry Nut.

Okay, for serious though … what is Cherry Nut? Where does one even try Cherry Nut? Who buys Cherry Nut? We did some Googling, chopped a few cherries, smashed some nuts, ran a couple test batches through half-pint and came up with a pretty darn good rendition of Cherry Nut. We’re gonna whip up another batch for the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market this Saturday … see you there, yes?

crankys ice cream cherry nut(okay, yes, we don’t claim to be photographers. we make ice cream. you’re just gonna have to deal with the shizzy pics.)