Recappin’ It v.7 – So about that rain …


So about that rain. Is anyone else ready to boot this Minnesota summer outta here? And not in that ‘yes-let’s-have-it-be-fall’ kind-of way? Rain, we’re over you. We’re over setting up at the market with that ominous chill hanging over our heads like a literal (if you will) rain cloud. We’re over dancing to the weather Gods. We’re over watching it downpour while we contemplate how we’re going to pack up without getting swept away by the tides. Over. It.

Needless to say, it rained on Saturday during our 9am to 1pm stint at the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market. Granted, it was a wee sprinkle in the morning and the heavens didn’t open up until about 12:50pm – just in time for Nate and Claire to pack up in a downpour. Luckily, the rain didn’t keep folks inside. We even sold out of a few flavors. Doughnut (per usual) was the first to go, followed closely by our Chunky Grasshopper. We left with a wee bit of Honey & Sunflower Seeds.

Sunday found us all in the kitchen. We’re talking over eight hours in the kitchen. We’re prepping for the upcoming Minneapolis Aquatennial. The Twin City River Rats go balls to the wall and manage six shows in four days. And your favorite ice cream fools will be selling all six of those shows. Per usual, we’ll be at the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market Saturday morning as well.

Whew. Rest up friends. This week is going to be fun!