Recappin’ it v.11 – Let there be garlic ice cream!

hutchingson-garlic-festival (08092014)Did you know, every year around this time, hundreds (okay, thousands) of people gather at the fairgrounds in Hutchinson, MN to celebrate all things garlic? No, you say? Well, until last week we were in the same boat. This year was the 9th annual Minnesota Garlic Festival, filled with garlic farmers, garlic chefs, garlic eaters and your favorite ice creamers scoopin’ garlic ice cream. Last Sunday we were asked to whip up some garlic ice cream to serve at the festival. Looks like the creamery that was scoopin’ in 2013, couldn’t make it this year. After 12+ hours in the kitchen last week, Nate and Claire managed to churn out 30 gallons of garlicky, ice cream goodness. Let there be garlic ice cream!

The boys of Crankys “conveniently” managed to be out of town, leaving Claire to fend for herself against 3500 garlic lovers. After some tasty persuasion, Ma Plank and Uncle Karl were on board as honorary Cranksters for the day. We zipped over to Hutchinson Saturday morning and after a quick set-up, we were scoopin’ by 10am. Four and a half hours later … all 30 gallons were gone, our wrists were mere wisps of their former strength, there were blisters and there were 700 happy garlic ice cream lovers strolling the land.

So what was this garlic ice cream like?! According to the masses, it was excellent. We started with our vanilla base, added minced garlic and let it soak. Once fully infused, it went into ice cream maker. The trick was finding that right balance of vanilla and garlic. We opted for a light garlic touch this year and considering folks came back for seconds, we think it was the right balance. Next year?! Garlic sprinkles!

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