Recappin’ it v.12 – Delicious Summer

crankys-ice-cream-strawberry-jalapeno-ice-creamAnyone else love a delicious summer? This week found us on Saturday morning at the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market with Jake and Matt and on Sunday at the Linden Hills Farmers Market with Claire and Nate. It was time to divide and conquer (now that we’ve got Matt and Jake back in the county, ahem … ahem … ). We were scooping up some classic flavors, like Cookies ‘n Cream as well as some new creations, like Strawberry Jalapeno. The S&J was our first venture into the “swirl” – creating a base flavor (like vanilla) and adding a swirl of flavor (like strawberry jalapeno). It was pretty dang delicious, if we do say so ourselves. The strawberry won the battle of the strongest taste but the jalapenos were holding their own, making themselves known towards the finish. It was one of those flavors that sums up summer. Sweet, spicy and really pretty to look at.

We’re back in the kitchen this Wednesday, playing around with some new flavors. You’ll find us at the markets this weekend. (ps – at any time, pop over to our calendar and take a peek at where we’re heading next).