Cranky’s vs. Weather


Anddddd, the epic battle continues. Cranky’s vs. Weather. Summer delicious treat vs. Wet poopy rain. Nate and Claire are off to the market on Saturday and there may be a wee window of time before the rainy weather kicks in. We cranked out batches and batches of ice cream last night. You must come help us eat it. Come to the market! Order ice cream! Eat! Order more ice cream! Eat!

Feast on these flavors …

Doughnut Ice Cream
You’ve always wanted an excuse to eat doughnuts for breakfast.

Sweet, simple, delicious.

Hint of Mint
Chocolate with a hint of mint, duh.

Honey & Sunflower Seeds
A little sweet, a little crunchy, a lotta good.

Amaretto Sour
Because why the hell not?!