Hi. We’re Jake, Nate, Claire and Matt and we make ice cream.

What began as a whim of an idea on a road trip, has churned and turned into what you see today … a couple guys and a gal that want to bring you fresh, delicious, simple, tasty ice cream.

Today we travel the land with our snazzy ice cream cart, scooping flavors crafted in our kitchen. You’ll find us at farmers markets, city festivals, movie nights and where ever the call of the ice cream may take us. Follow our travels on our events calendar.



FAQs – Because we know you’re gonna ask …

Do you guys hand crank your ice cream?
HA! You tell funny jokes. Have you seen our weak, flabby arms? So no, no we don’t. Fun fact – we totally started hand cranking our ice creams but the novelty quickly wore off.

Will you make a flavor for me?
What are you gonna do for us? Seriously, I’m sure we can reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Let’s chat …

Where can I buy your ice cream?
GREAT QUESTION! We knew we liked you. Our dates of upcoming events are listed here.

Do you guys use local ingredients?
Sometimes. Yes. Then again, not always. It really depends. We try. Always. So yes, but then again … no.

Are you organic?
Sorry, what was that you said? What is this “organic” you speak of?

How about eggs? Do you use ’em in your ice cream?
Nope. Straight up milk and cream. You may find a recipe or two with cream cheese.

How about nuts?
Yeah, our ice cream is made around nuts. You’re gonna wanna watch that.