Recappin’ It v.7 – So about that rain …

So about that rain. Is anyone else ready to boot this Minnesota summer outta here? And not in that ‘yes-let’s-have-it-be-fall’ kind-of way? Rain, we’re over you. We’re over setting up at the market with that ominous chill hanging over our heads like a literal (if you will) rain cloud. We’re over dancing to the weather[…]

Eat This – testing some new flavors and perfecting some old favorites

Ooofff, the week back from the 4th of July is always a rough one. We spent Wednesday night in the kitchen, testing some new flavors and perfecting some old favorites. Thursday night we meandered over the Mississippi River for the Twin City River Rats water ski show. We’re so excited to be partnering with them[…]

National Ice Cream Month - Cranky's Ice Cream

Happy National Ice Cream Month!!

July may just be our favorite month. For the next thirty-one days it’s socially acceptable to spend crazy amounts of time talking about ice cream. Thirty-one sweet, creamy, deliciously filled days of ice cream. It’s National Ice Cream Month! Heyyyyyy-oooooo. Back in July of 1984, President Ronald Reagan made a proclamation – July was to[…]


Recappin’ It v.5 – It’s like we know what we’re doing

“Hey! There’s a girl Cranky?!” Yes, yes … Claire is a girl. Yes, yes … she’s part of Cranky’s. Matt and Jake were off Pride-ing it up this weekend and left Nate and Claire to “man” the cart at the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market. After a brief prayer to the sun gods, it was decided[…]


Cranky’s vs. Weather

Anddddd, the epic battle continues. Cranky’s vs. Weather. Summer delicious treat vs. Wet poopy rain. Nate and Claire are off to the market on Saturday and there may be a wee window of time before the rainy weather kicks in. We cranked out batches and batches of ice cream last night. You must come help[…]

Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market 2014

Recappin’ It v.2 – Countdown is on!

Well, well, well … who’s ready for some ice cream?! The day you’ve all been eagerly waiting for is almost upon us. Start counting the days – we’ll be at the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market THIS COMING SATURDAY  !!!!!!! More info on the market? Click here. And, while we’re at it. Let’s talk upcoming dates.[…]